Jaggery's roleplay in Dengue: unearthed!

Jaggery's roleplay in Dengue: unearthed!

Come rains and humidity is high in the atmosphere; making it ideal to breed mosquitoes. About one in four people infected with dengue get sick. While it is easy to fall prey to the mosquito-borne viral disease, recovery can take its time. Dengue home remedies have been a traditional practice in many countries for hundreds of years; whenever someone contracts the disease, friends and family share tales of how fluids can speed up recovery. However, natural home remedies can speed up your healing process and replenish the body by providing essential nutrients in time of need.

Home care for dengue fever is simply supportive care. Take something which helps you stay hydrated and builds your immunity naturally to fight the viral infection naturally.

While we do not endorse any home remedies here, we can only site some news articles where jaggery and raw onion (shallots), taken together have been found to alleviate the dengue fever. We do believe strongly, however, that jaggery is great to build your immunity naturally and so strengthens you internally. When you're strong inside, you tend to fight disease much better. With that thought, we endorse using jaggery in your diet as a great way to combat viral infections- dengue, covid or any other.

The internet is loaded with news articles about ‘jaggery and onion as a cure for dengue’, however, we have pinned down some research articles that may help everyone interpret the information available.




*DhampurGreen is not responsible, in any way, for the information, nor does it endorse anything medically. This is solely to the reader’s interpretation and understanding.



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