Indeed, this time of the year it’s super easy to reclaim the weight loss and inch loss you achieved after months of exercise and dieting! Afterall, who can resist the supertasty and supertempting morsels of halwas, barfis, and ladoos, loaded with high levels of sugar and ghee (transfats)….and a laundry list of adverse health impacts.

Is there a way out?

Can you still stay healthy and satisfy your sweet tooth while gorging on those irresistible mithais?

Can you enjoy this festive season without feeling guilty about it?

The answer is YES- we’ve got you covered!

Read on and drool along! 

Most of us have already switched to a health-conscious mode in covid times. Embracing time-revered, age-old food choices and imbibing healthy lifestyles, we have resorted to healthy and traditional forgotten-foods that our previous generations used. This, indeed, is the first step towards our holistic wellness goals. One such ingredient that dominates the culinary scene this celebratory time of Deepawali is jaggery, aka Gur. Replacing jaggery in all sweets is a sure shot way of clubbing health with taste.

Overconsumption of refined sugar in form of high-calorie desserts has been increasing our risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. While craving for sugary treats is extremely natural, going for unrefined natural sweeteners like jaggery and brown sugar, instead of refined can significantly, minimize the risk of several diseases.

As we light up our homes and dress up for the biggest Hindu festival of the year, delicious, decadent Diwali sweets made purely with chemical-free organic Jaggery dominate the scene! Whether it is ready made Jaggery Mithai gifting range from Dhampurgreen or buying their Molasses and / or dry Jaggery Powder and making these sweets yourself at home, either way is a win-win.

Dhampur Jaggery, no wonder is gaining popularity as it not only satiates sweet cravings, is 100% pure and original, and has loads of health benefits. It purifies the blood and contains moderate amounts of iron and has many anti-bacterial properties which can help in fighting infections, especially in these pandemic times. Promoting bone health, gut health, immunity and overall well being is what comes naturally by consuming this wholesome sugarcane sweetener thats loaded with antioxidants.

From stunningly bright streets to dazzling fairy lights, to the tantalizing aroma of desi ghee ladoos and mithai, made solely with nutrient-dense Gur, the festive preparations are incomplete without indulgent Jaggery delicacies. Interestingly, it is not only Gur Mithai that rules the season, there exists a diversity of Jaggery snacks which are traditionally prepared during this festive season. Most loved ones being Gur Saunf, Gur Chana, Gur Papdi, and Gur Brittles. Don't miss checking out the Gift Packs!

Diwali is justifiably called the festival of cheer as you’re stuffing your palates with loads of Gur Mithai! So, indulge, enjoy, and welcome health into life with Gur Mithai: START WITH MINDFUL INDULGENCE!

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