Dhampur Green: Our Story!

We’re a fourth-generation sugarcane-farming family.

Living traditionally, in food habits, and lifestyle, and savouring on healthy sweets, has been a norm.

Indian food, typically, stands on two pillars: wellness and sustainability. Alongside taste, it offers nutrition, safety and biodiversity. We, at Dhampur Green, believe in preserving the age-old knowledge of making jaggery, the superfood, and preparing delicacies with this superfood. As we reinvent how healthy food moves from sugarcane field to your kitchen and from the farmer to the chef, our journey starts at fields and ends at your fork on the dining table. We aim to promote socially-responsible cultivation and make traditional nutritious foods as we work with thousands of farmer families in India such that, while your family gets unadulterated and wholesome food, the farmer gets maximum value for his produce and micro-nutrient losses are kept to a minimum.

We exist because we move forward, whilst looking back at our roots and marrying traditional foods with modern food scientists and chefs, making everyday meals better, wholesome, and sweeter.