Dhampur Green: Our Story!

My grandfather used to feed us melted Gur with #almonds in breakfast.
He was a freedom fighter.
My dad used to distribute #gur with chana to those working at the farm.
He is an agricultural scientist.
My dadi used to put sheera i.e. #molasses in our hair every other week and we kids used to hate it. We didn’t know its health benefits then.
She was a home-maker, and so is my mom.
Mom still makes delicious ras-ki-kheer and #gurbesan laddu in mithai.

Myself, I’ve grown up among sugarcane fields: enjoyed farming with farmers on tractors; and saw how much hard work they put in and yet found it difficult to make both ends meet, saw the plight of women in conservative villages of Western U.P. who did not get even basic respect that they rightfully deserved. While doing something for the farmer and those women always stayed embedded in my ambitions, I knew I was an engineer at heart. After graduating from I.I.T. Roorkee (est. 1847 as Thomson College of Civil Engineering), I was amazed to see how one single institution can contribute phenomenally towards building a nation and its society.
I was fondling with a lot of business ideas, wanting to do something meaningful.
I realized that despite being a family of sweet-tooths and dessert-fans, sugar never really entered our homes.
Dhampurgreen.com was born.
After years of passionate efforts, #dhampurgreen has been able to make #jaggery a mainstream and #staple #food that finds room in almost every #household #pantry #kitchen and #grocery list. With over 150 SKUs made from jaggery, we have tried to show how Gur can be your ‘go-to’ sugar for all sweetening needs. While following #organic #sustainability practices, we try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and being a #farmtofork, keep the food losses to a minimum so that the farmer gets maximum realization for his produce. Our packers are all women, and today when they are the breadwinners for the family, they don’t just get respect, they command it! We take pride in all the smiles we spread, across a wide cross-section of the society.
From selling just 100 boxes of jaggery in a month, we are now in 10,000+ #retailstores, all e-marketplaces and #modernretail, domestic and export partners, and work with 10,000+ farmer families.
Thank you everyone who buy from us, work with us, supply us, and partner with us in any way……. for being a part of the #dhampurgreen story….and making it yours…...
We are humbled.