Dhampur Green welcomes talent! image

We are inviting applications from Multi-Speciality professionals who are enthusiastic, energetic and  willing to learn and grow! 

Following positions are available for Work from Home (WFH), Freelance (F), and Work in Office (WIO) basis (each post shows the initial of type of job, so be clear before you apply)

Terms and Conditions

1. While applying, send the post applied for in the subject line and mention whether it is Work from Home (WFH), Freelance (F), and Work in Office (WIO) application.

2. Email CV to

3. Please apply only once in six months.

4. For each position, you should have min 3-4 years work experience.

5. All positions require a marketing/ sales and customer-service bent of mind and an inclination to make business grow!

6. The WIO positions are for our office based in New Delhi, India.


a. Graphic Designer- WFH, WIO, F (with expertise in making social media posts and videos)
2.Content writer- WFH, WIO, F (with expertise in writing site content blogs, newsletters, social media posts)
3.Listing & Cataloging expert- WIO (with expertise in listing and executing product and service listings and ecommerce on ecommerce platforms like #flipkart #Amazon #meesho #ShopClues etc.
4. Coordinator- WIO (with expertise in connecting, networking and managing a large number of influencers, vendors, freelancers etc)

5. Human Resources Lead- WIO (with expertise in sourcing and building the optimal team)

Due to the high number of applications, we are able to respond only to the shortlisted candidates.