Jaggery Sprinkles (Pearls) 700g

Jaggery Granular Pearls Coarse Powder | Wholesome Sugar |Medicinal Sugar| Original Chemical-Free | Immunity-building Gur |Rich in antioxidants | Ayurvedic Sugar | Quick Dissolving | Chemical Free | Pesticides Free | Non GMO| Vegan | Organic Sugarcane | Solvent-Free | Sulphur-free | Oleoresin rich | Superfood | 700g
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    Dhampur Green Jaggery Pearls (Sprinkles) are wholesome coarse jaggery granules that are truly a sweet superfood! They are available year-round, are easy to handle, mess-free, and find an easy way to slip into all traditional recipes! This product doesn't undergo any harsh chemical processing or refinement and is unbleached, so it remains its natural colour. Now you can enjoy your favourite cup of beverage without feeling guilty about consuming refined sugar.
    Dhampur Green offers Jaggery in various forms like liquid, granules, block, cubes, or powder, so pick directly from the manufacturer as per your requirements. Making healthier choices is the need of the hour, and with countless options at your disposal, it is easy to choose this natural sweetener online from India’s top Jaggery manufacturer, DhampurGreen. Brown colour and soft texture is derived from evaporation of sugarcane juice resulting in yellow to dark brown shakkar. We go back to our traditional roots and bring back the natural, organic, food and snack items to help you make a healthy choice without compromising on your time or budget.

    Note: Do not add Jaggery or Jaggery powder to boiling milk, or when on the gas, as it has a natural tendency to coagulate. Dhampur Green endeavours to bring back the authentic and natural food products in place of laboratory-developed food and grocery items. Due to simple minimal processing, Dhampur Green Jaggery powder retains minerals, micronutrients, and vitamins, that were present in the sugarcane juice and has long been a quintessential ingredient for making most of the Indian festive sweets. Must try spiced Jaggery powders by Dhampur Green, including ginger, black pepper, chai masala and turmeric Jaggery powders.

    Note: Dhampur Green does not add anything to the natural product so that there is no adulteration or compromise with quality. No added chemicals, emulsifiers, flavours, preservatives, and colours. At Dhampur, the process is minimalistic so that natural nutrients are retained.

    Important practical notes- Brown sugars and Jaggery Powders naturally leach colour when dissolved in water, since the crystals contain a thin layer of the remaining molasses. They may harden if the jar is left open. Just add a few apple wedges or a slice of bread, seal it, and let it sit overnight, or until the sugar softens. Your jaggery powder will be as good as new!

    Made in India by a farmer-led enterprise, the production work is done by local farmers who take immense pride in creating products that add value to the lives of our consumers. Marginal farmers sell us their raw produce locally and no longer have to struggle with middlemen, strict mandi bargains or distress sales. Support the Indian Farmer.
    Please note: If you are on heart or sugar medication, do check with your doctor to make sure that this product doesn’t interfere with your meds. Remember to use in moderation.


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    Nice product

    Pearls are very convenient to use in different quantities as per requirement. Plus are very good in taste for your mouth.

    Pawan Agrawal

    Jaggery Pearls 700g - Pack of 2

    Excellent product.

    Excellent product every one can buy instead of sugar, jaggery is good for health. Must try.

     amazingly tasty!

    very yummy! they delivered me the latest fresh stock.

     Excellent. Mouthwatering.

    Really wonderful. The taste and quality is really amazing. It's really fresh. I rate it excellent.