Fruitales Masala Banta Syrup 300ml

Masala Banta Traditional Mocktail Beverage | Jain Shikanji Fresh Nimbu Lemon Jeera| All Natural cooling | Instant Drink Anytime Lime Juice Lemonade | Hydration Beverage | Refreshing Nimbu Paani Masala Lemonade | Immunity Booster, Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive Did, Prevents Dehydration During Summer, Restores Energy | Non-Alcoholic| | Quick Dissolving| Ready-to-Drink | Chemical Free| Pesticide Free| Gluten-Free| Non-GMO| Vegan| Solvent-Free| Sulphur-free|
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    FRUITALES Masala Banta Syrup is a multipurpose syrup, with a perfect balance of spicy, citrusy and sweet flavours- all in one! Banta is the Indian street-style lemonade, and a glass of this lemon-flavoured masala soda refreshes you instantly, esp. on a hot summer day. Banta sellers can be seen dumping spoonful of a secret masala into individual glasses before filling them up with chilled soda and fresh lemon juice. FRUITALES Masala Banta Syrup has blended in all those flavours and given you the ready syrup that you can use with soda and crushed ice. Do not forget to garnish with some fresh mint! Mix it with water or club soda and add black salt (kala namak) or shikanji masala for that extra zest. It is formulated to hold up in heat and resist curdling in dairy products. It blends well into all mojitos, smoothies, sodas, mocktails and teas- so you become a pro bartender right in the comforts of your home.

    FRUITALES Syrups come in tempting flavors that complement your beverages without overpowering them or being too sweet.  They are easy to use and can be used in hot and cold drinks. FRUITALES Syrups come in user-friendly bottles that are convenient for your busy baristas to use. They find multiple applications in coffee syrups, flavour frappes, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, floats, ice creams, sherbets, and more!
    -Approx. dilution guidance: 1:4
    -No High Fructose Corn syrup | GMO free | Vegan|
    -Made in an ISO: 9001and FSSAI certified food facility.
    -India’s most popular bar syrup- use to make refreshing sodas, mocktails, cocktails, shakes, slushes & fruit punches, and use as a topping on ice creams and fruit salads.

    Made in India by a farmer-led enterprise, the production work is done by local farmers, especially women, who take immense pride in creating products that add value to the lives of our consumers. Marginal farmers sell us their raw produce locally and no longer must struggle with middlemen, strict mandi bargains or distress sales. Support the Indian Farmer.

    Please note: If you are on heart or sugar medication, do check with your doctor to make sure that this product does not interfere with your meds. Remember to have in moderation. Product packaging may be changed by company at any point in time without any notification.