Bura Sugar - 250g

White Bura Table Cooking Sugar/ Chini/ Chekkara/ Shakkar| Quick Dissolving | Chemical Free | Best for Mithais| Pesticide- Free | Non GMO| Vegan | Made from sun-ripened sugarcane | Solvent-Free | Sulphur-free
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Dhampur Green Bura (Boora) Sugar is the most preferred sugar for making Indian Mithais. It is sulphurless, has fine sandy texture and is used to make all traditional Indian sweetmeats (mithais). It is free flowing, lump-free and stays fresh for long periods. Blends in quickly in hot as well as cold beverages and has a fine sandy texture.
Note: Bura Sugar may harden if not stored properly. Transfer contents from the pouch to an airtight JAR and keep in a cool and dry place. Never use a wet spoon to scoop out the sugar.

Bura sugar is one of the lesser refined or processed versions of sugar. The process of making Bura Sugar at DhampurGreen is rather simple. When sugarcane juice extracted, clarified, evaporate, and crystallized without using any chemicals, the sugar obtained at this stage is known as Bura sugar. Since it goes through the process of reduction and refinement only once, bura sugar may contain trace nutrients of sugarcane juice.

With its new Covid-Safe Vacuum packing Dhampur Green brings India’s first and only vacuum-packed Jaggery, made without using any chemical fertilizers/ clarificants or pesticides. Vacuum-packing gives extended shelf life, reduced product loss, offers sealed barrier from external elements, and seals in natural flavours. Rich in inherent trace minerals and vitamin of sugarcane juice, it is sulphurless, and made in an FSSAI compliant production facility.
Dhampur Green believes in delivering consistent quality of products across the year. With careful sourcing and sorting, you will find our products delivering on taste, purity and size of grains across the year. Our speciality sugar range is a perfect for creating sweet dishes such as mithais, laddus, jalebis, halwas, shikanjis, lassis and juices; and our sweet snacks range is an anytime health snack. Dhampur Green Products are hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards to ensure consistency in quality across the year.
Dhampur Green endeavours to bring back the authentic and natural food products in place of laboratory-developed food and grocery items. We go back to our traditional roots and bring back the natural, organic, food and snack items to help you make a healthy choice without compromising on your time or budget.
Made in India by a farmer-led enterprise, the production work is done by local farmers who take immense pride in creating products that add value to the lives of our consumers. Marginal farmers sell us their raw produce locally and no longer have to struggle with middlemen, strict mandi bargains or distress sales. Support the Indian Farmer.
Please note: If you are on heart or sugar medication, do check with your doctor to make sure that this product doesn’t interfere with your meds. Remember to use in moderation.