Masala Gur with Organic Jaggery 250g

Gur Chai Masala Powder (for Tea) | Masala Premix Gur Powder with Natural Indian Traditional Sun-Dried Spices| Spice Mix Jaggery Blend for Desi Cutting Chai| Natural | Preservative-Free| No Added Sugar
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    Masala Gur with Organic Jaggery  250g:-
    • Contains traditional indian masala (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, star anise, blackpepper, cardamom and nutmeg) for tea (chai)
    • All spices sun dried and hand-milled in a stone mill
    • No chemicals/ preservatives used anywhere in the processing
    • Jaggery (gur) used is wholesome and organic
    • Makes an excellent health drink when added to boiling water or hot milk
    This Spice Jaggery (Masala Gur for Chai) has a traditionally Indian masala for your tea, and is made with organic Jaggery (gur / panela). After sun drying, fresh spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, star anise, black pepper, cardamom and nutmeg are hand- milled in a traditional stone mill with organic jaggery/ gur. This process ensures that their natural antioxidants and oleoresins are retained during processing. Adding a spoonful of this to hot water or milk, or tea readies your health drink in a jiffy! Ideal for those who prefer flavour & health together, our Gur Masala for Chai is loaded with anti-inflammatory agents to strengthen your immune system, ward off common infections and keep you energised. Enjoy cup of 'Kadak' Cutting Chai Today.
    Dhampur Green endeavours to bring back the authentic and natural food products in place of laboratory-developed food and grocery items. We go back to our traditional roots and bring back the natural, organic, food and snack items to help you make a healthy choice without compromising on your time or budget. Dhampur Green works directly with the farmers to eliminate middlemen, and personally quality checks each and every product before it comes to our production facility or warehouse or your dining table. We take pride in offering only the best, freshest and with maximum value addition.
     Note: Dhampur Green does not add anything to the natural product so that there is no adulteration or compromise with quality.

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    Badrilal Swarnkar


    rohit sharma
    Good products !!

    Very good combo almost you get everything you want with good quantity.

    viru kmar
    Very good

    Then one day thought of trying Masala gur instead of regular gur. And trust me, it felt as if all this time I was waiting for this. Makes my tea amazingly flavorful. It's my 3rd purchase and would continue till time immemorial!!

     My team's MUST ingredient that I stock it in surplus.

    It's been a year we've stopped putting sugar in our tea. Earlier I substituted sugar with organic jaggery powder. Good combo!!

    masala chai spice mix

    Great taste and a innovative way to add gur as sweetner instread of sugar.