Sugarcane Vinegar with Mother

Sugarcane Vinegar with Mother | Sirka | For Cooking, Pickles, Salads, Stir Fry, Marinades| Not from concentrate, Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, Unflavoured, Non-Alcoholic, Natural| Helps Weight loss, Hair Growth, Maintains Gut & Skin Health, Blood Sugar Levels| Quick Dissolving| Chemical Free| Pesticide Free| Gluten-Free| Non-GMO| Vegan| Solvent-Free| Sulphur-free| Naturally Brewed from Organic Sugarcane
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    Dhampur Green Sugarcane Vinegar (Sirka) with Mother is made via a patient 4-6 month of natural fermentation process at ambient temperatures. After optimal fermentation, it is packed raw, with healthy inherent bacteria, unfiltered and un-pasteurised.
     Dhampur Green Vinegar is a bit cloudy and this only means it is raw, pure, and unprocessed- which is a good thing! This dark brown in colour (almost black), has a thick texture (like a very thin gravy), a sharp yet a very smooth flavour and is a must for healthful salad dressing or pickling. Contains Mother This natural vinegar contains mother, which is a healthy bacterium that has various beneficial properties. This ingredient makes it raw, pure, and unprocessed, which is excellent for culinary purposes. In the Philippines, cane vinegar is often called sukang iloko. It is used in dishes with sweet and sour sauces, including pickled herring, and even as an addition to humus or lemon custard. Some cooks also recommend using cane vinegar as part of a marinade to tenderize meat. Since it has a lighter flavour then many other types of vinegar, food retains its original flavour.
     The sugarcane vinegar is fermented with mother, which helps in retaining its sweet flavour and nutritive properties. This process does not require the addition of any chemicals or additives. This makes the vinegar completely pure and chemical free. The delicious vinegar is ideal for healthy cooking, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, and good cholesterol. It also has many medicinal uses. This sweet and acidic vinegar can be used regularly for cooking.
     Made in India by a farmer-led enterprise, the production work is done by local farmers who take immense pride in creating products that add value to the lives of our consumers. Marginal farmers sell us their raw produce locally and no longer have to struggle with middlemen, strict mandi bargains or distress sales. Support the Indian Farmer.
     Please note:
     If you are on heart or sugar medication, do check with your doctor to make sure that this product doesn’t interfere with your meds. Remember to use in moderation.


    Customer Reviews

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    Sabir ansari
    ganne ke ras ka sirka

    ganne ka sirka or fermented sugarcane is a good for health need to added in diet.

    Vijay Thakur
    sugarcane vinegar with mother

    vinegar also known as sugarcane sirka is a essential item for indian kitchen. Its use have been increased recently due to its several health benefits. dis dhampur green sugarcane vinegar is a great and healthy alternative to those synthetic vinegar.

    Rashmi Prakash
    Excellent product

    Excellent product used it in making mango chutney Prefer it to the synthetic vinegar