Coconut Jaggery Powder 250g

Dhampur Green Coconut Jaggery Powder | 250gm |A Taste of Exotic Elegance| Symphony of Sweet Delight | A Sweet Symphony from the Coconut Groves | Sweetener for Tea, Coffee, Oatmeal and Cereals |Timeless Sweetness Delight| Unique and delightful twist
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    Dhampur Green Coconut Jaggery Powder. This unique powder offers a symphony of sweetness that will transport your taste buds to sun-kissed shores and lush coconut groves. Coconut Jaggery Powder is a delightful fusion of the rich, caramel sweetness of jaggery and the essence of coconuts. Each spoonful captures the essence of the tropics, offering a sweet and nuanced savory profile. Enhance your culinary creations with the sweet touch of coconut. Whether you're sweetening your morning tea, or coffee, or incorporating it into desserts and beverages, this Coconut Jaggery Powder brings a tropical elegance to every dish. Elevate your dessert game with the addition of this coconut-infused jaggery powder. From cakes to puddings, the sweet, nutty notes of coconut complement the rich taste of jaggery, creating a decadent and delightful dessert experience.

    • Irresistible Sweetness
    • Versatile Treat
    • A Sweet Journey in Every Bite


    The goodness of delicious well-being in every Bite!

    Ideal for making:  cooking and baking recipes, desserts, or sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and puddings Muffins, Tarts, Pastries, waffles, Porridge or Kheer, Hot Chocolate, etc.

    Marketed & Manufactured By- Dhampure Speciality Sugars Limited

    Address- 1/3 to 1/9, MM, Rani Jhansi Road, NEW DELHI 110055

    Shelf Life: 12 Months

    FSSAI Number: 10013051000853