Spiced Jaggery Black Pepper & Ginger, 700g

Spiced Jaggery with Black Pepper & Ginger (Kali Mirch Sonth ka Masala Gur) | Quick Dissolving | Chemical Free | Pesticides Free | Non GMO| Vegan | Organic Sugarcane | Solvent-Free | Sulphur-free | Oleoresin rich | Superfood
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    Made traditionally, our jaggery powders are nutrient-rich unrefined and wholesome. We clarify concentrated sugarcane juice, naturally, without any chemical fertilizers/ clarificants or pesticides. Powders offer precise portion control in an elegant and no-mess serving. The powders often have soft and rough edges because of the natural property of jaggery.

    Ginger (sonth), Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) and Jaggery (gur) are a match made in heaven. Jaggery, with iron and micro-nutrients, is known as traditional remedy for fighting ill effects of pollution on our lungs. Black Pepper Jaggery Powder is your Lung Health Formula to Breathe Easy. It is made with organic jaggery powder and natural, sun-dried and hand-milled black pepper. Add to tea or coffee, breakfast cereal, sambhar, rasam, kheer or payasam or just have a spoonful to increase your immunity. The ingredients complement each other and help warm our spirits in extreme cold weather- this product is inevitably carried by most mountaineers to keep up their strengths in harsh mountain terrains.

    We do not add anything to it to upkeep product shape or color or look and feel. Avoid counterfeit products. Order directly from DhampurGreen.com

    Free from chemical additives or any preservatives.
    Medicinal value of ingredients is conserved; store under refrigeration.
    Hygienically and scientifically processed formula.
    Fight pollution naturally, have one powder every day.
    Specially recommended for young and old, to build immunity against common cold, flu etc.