Jaggery Powder Sachets 1kg

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Approx. (200 Sachet per pack _each 5 g) 

Jaggery Dhampur Green Jaggery Powder Sachets have real jaggery and are available all year round! So now you can enjoy jaggery all year round, not just winters! Made without using any chemical fertilizers/ clarificants or pesticides, its color varies from yellow to dark brown. The product has a soft texture derived from the process of evaporation of raw sugarcane juice under controlled process conditions. Unlike refined sugar coming from chemical processing, our jaggery powder retains inherent trace minerals and vitamins found in sugarcane. We have packed jaggery powder in single-use sachets that are a convenient, mess-free and hygienic option for table use. Offering precise portion control, they are ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, airlines, corporate offices, etc.

Special Features:
  1. Completely chemical-free & natural jaggery powder
  2. Gur is a traditional and wholesome medicinal sugar, with a unique flavor and taste
  3. Grown & processed without use of any chemicals, pesticides or insecticides
  4. Non-GMO & vegan
  5. Use at home, in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, airlines, or while traveling.
Jaggery purifies blood, has minerals, aids in digestive processes, is loaded with iron, improves nervous system, is rich in Iron, for beauty regimens, improves metabolism, hormonal balance etc.

Customer Reviews

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 Highly recommended value for money

Its amazing. Tastes just like sugar and has a lot more nutrients. And low GI unlike sugar. Can't complain. Like it!

 Organic dhampur green jaggery solved my problem.

Authentic ????? with golden brown colour, crisp and dry as it should be, nice packaging, 5th or 6th purchase, all in all perfect.. have tried many brands online, offline, local market, but it stands top being organic, without any artificial colour or harmful additives. I regularly use their other products both online and stores as well and the results are satisfactory. I strongly recommend all to promote authentic organic brands for brighter sustainable future.

 Good quality.

I struggled to avoid taking sugar with my tea for a long time but just couldn't adjust with the taste.With the Organic dhampur jaggery Powder, my problem is now completely solved..Now I am enjoying my tea with this jaggery and cut down on my sugar intake. This jaggery is a healthy and wonderful substitute for sugar. Loving it..