Wooden Food Serving platter Cheese platter - MPDS-A

Wooden Food Serving platter Cheese platter - MPDS-A



Wooden Food Serving platter Cheese platter - MPDS-A



About this Product
The environment friendly product is inspired from the wild flora and fauna. Mini Platters with white and Pink Flowers will for sure be a talking point among your friends. Not to miss the beautiful tan colour from burning the wood. The most important is, this product is environment friendly as well as antibacterial. Serve food on it as it is 100% food Safe and it will not chemically react with acids present in the food. Can use this as a Chopping board and chop vegetables directly on it.  You will never disappoint with hand painted (Organic Paint) white & pink flowers with Mineral oil finishing. Not to miss the beautiful tan colour from burning the wood. This Platter is made of long-lasting Mango-Burnt Wood with premium Natural finish. Mango wood consisting the speciality of high sustainability and durability. We are not just saying that it is Eco-Friendly, just to write, it actually is. You know why? Because not a single tree has been mined in its making! We only use the wood of the trees that has aged and fallen off naturally or come floating on the banks of the river. That is the most important thing which makes our wooden collection precious.

Type: Mini Platters (Serving Tray)
Type of Wood & Material: Mango-Burnt
Pack contain: 1 Pcs
Dimension: Length: 9 Inch (23 Cm) & Width: 6 Inch (15 Cm)

Important Point:
- Chemical Free Product.
- Environment Friendly.
- Food Grade Material.
- Premium Natural finish.

- If you’re wondering about the Paint is Food Grade or not? So the simple answer is YES. This paint is completely chemical free and Organic. We have used Food Grade mineral oil to finish the product. As everyone know that Dhampur Green is especially famous for their Organic and Chemical free products.
- This products individually handmade and may have slight irregularities
that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.
Note: The images represent actual product though we tried to upload as original as our product is but still Due to the differences in displays of computers/laptops/phones or may be photographic lighting sources the colour of the image and product may slightly differ.

Features: Environment Friendly, Sustainable, Handcrafted, Food Safe, Cultural Revival & Keeps you kitchen connected to nature.

CONVENIENT & PRACTICAL: we can use these Mini Platters as Chopping Board & Serving Tray. It is designed for everyday use and can be used as snack tray, drinks tray, kitchen tray, appetizer tray, home decor displays, party platter and trays.
Perfect for kitchen to table service - carry this elegant wooden serving tray to your dining room or patio or backyard bbq that fits every theme and decor. These Mini Platters are perfect for restaurants, hotels & caterers. It is a great gifting choice for all occasions.

Care Instruction: Wash it clean and let the serving tray air dry after use. You may also wipe it clean with wet cloth. Do not immerse in water for long.

* Why we choose Wood: Wood is one of the oldest materials used to make kitchen tools, and for good reason. When it comes to choosing Dinnerware and tableware there are very limited options in terms of materials. Melamine, Ceramic, Stainless steel and plastic have over the top processes; these materials have known side effects not only on health but environment. But luckily we have Wood which is Health and Environment Friendly. Wood is 100% food grade and we can directly serve food on it.
Even today a lot of people prefer wood over other options, because of both traditional and practical reasons. There are a number of advantages of using wood kitchen tools compared to stainless steel, melamine, ceramic or plastic. Wood is naturally more antibacterial than any man-made material. Research indicates that the wood appears to have natural germ-killing properties. It has been proven that germs and bacteria grow much faster on plastic and metal as compare to Wooden.
* In terms of Environment: Wooden is one of the most unique and sustainable material, you know why? Because not a single tree has been mined in its making! We only use the wood of the trees that has aged and fallen off naturally or come floating on the banks of the river! Comparatively if you look the making process of Ceramic and metal, they have over the top process and the process is harmful for our Environment& nature in huge amount. Even the harmful gases are also affect our health which is used in the factories to make Ceramic, metal & Plastic utensils. Wood is the natural and renewable resource and more environmentally responsible choice. We can help save our environment by using kitchen utensils that are made from renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic materials. when we done with wooden utensils, we can put them in the compost pile, It can also add nutrients to the soil. Decomposing materials in the compost pile can become somewhat acidic and wood ash can help offset this, as it's more alkaline in nature.

* Wooden better than any other material: Wooden Utensils are non-reactive as compared to metallic ones. They won’t mix harmful chemicals and bacteria into your food and won’t react with acids present in the food, as their metal counterparts do.
--Using plastic utensils at high temperature can cause them to melt. Even if plastic utensils appear intact, higher heat can release toxins from the plastic into your food, which will not only affect the taste of your meal, but also have a negative impact on your health. So get yourself wooden Utensils. They won't melt or leach chemicals or strange taste into hot food as plastic does. Wood is a good insulator, so it helps to keep food warm.

* Wood is Durable: They are more durable than normal plates; moms often get angry on their kids when they break recently bought plates or bowls. S0 wooden plates can be a permanent solution to this dilemma. Wooden bowls, plates and other stuff doesn’t show scratches, whether you wash them with scotch bright or washing net. Reason for this is obvious, wooden utensils are soft and in some cases can heal themselves.

* Food Grade: Wood is 100% Food grade and antibacterial. They don’t chemically react with acids present in the food. As above mentioned that wooden utensils are far better than any other material’s utensil. We can directly serve food on wooden platter, bowl. Comparatively Ceramic dinnerware may contain lead and cadmium in their glazes, clay and paint. This lead or cadmium can leach when microwaving or serving acidic food in the dish. One small chip of glaze probably won’t have much effect on our health, but that’s the thing. We ignore all these small toxins entering our body, and we don’t realize how quickly and massively the total amount of toxins entering the body has become.

As described by a regular woodenware user -
My conscious is clear in knowing that my family is daily eating off of safe, toxic-free dishes. I also love that when we are done with the dishes (hopefully, many years from now) I can put them in the compost pile. I also love how “warm” meals feel in the wooden utensils. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it. But wood feels so home-like and old fashion or I can say it gives a vintage feel to my dining table. Meals look beautiful in them and guests love eating off of them.