Natural Jaggery Detox Pack

Natural Jaggery Detox Pack



Natural Jaggery Detox Pack



Natural Jaggery Detox Pack: we are offering full health and benefits of Jaggery as well as other immunity spices With this pack . Our Turmeric Jaggery Powder (300g), Ginger Jaggery Powder (300g), Gur masala (250g) and Jaggery Powder (700g) is 100% natural and chemical free.

TURMERIC JAGGERY POWDER is made with natural sugarcane juice and organic turmeric. Jaggery is known as traditional remedy for fighting ill effects of pollution on our lungs. Jaggery has iron and many other natural minerals and micronutrients. Turmeric is a nutraceutical has many active compounds which naturally heals all inflammations and wounds. The curcumin is a very strong antioxidant.
GINGER JAGGERY POWDER is made with natural sugarcane juice and sun-dried ginger. It is a natural shield against common viral infections and helps our body detox. Jaggery is known as a traditional remedy for fighting ill effects of pollution on our lungs. It has iron and many other natural minerals and micronutrients. Ginger (sonth) and Jaggery (gur) are a match made in heaven. Not only do the two flavors complement each other, but the duo also helps warm our spirits in extremely cold weather, and is inevitably carried by most mountaineers to keep up their strengths in harsh mountain terrains. Add to tea or coffee, breakfast cereal, sambhar, rasam, kheer or payasam or just have a spoonful in warm water to stay fit. We have made this with a blend of the traditional and scientific process which meets all national and international standards.
GUR MASALA is a traditionally Indian masala for your chai, made with organic jaggery(gur / panela). After sun drying, fresh spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, star anise, blackpepper, cardamom and nutmeg are hand- milled in a traditional stone mill with organic gur. This Process ensures that their natural antioxidants and oleoresins are retained during processing. Adding a spoonful of this to hot water or milk, or tea readies your health drink in a jiffy! Ideal for those who prefer flavour & health together.
Jaggery Powder is made without using any chemical fertilizers/ clarificants or pesticides. Processing is done without using any toxic and harsh chemicals used to clarify cane sugar. It is characterized by a soft texture derived from the process of evaporation of raw sugarcane juice under controlled process conditions, with its color varying from yellow to dark brown. Unlike refined sugar coming from chemical processing, it retains inherent trace minerals and vitamins and hence is a healthy and nutrient-rich sweetener. Jaggery is undoubtedly one of the quintessential ingredients for making most of the Indian festive sweets. But since jaggery (gur) was available only in wintertime, but the demand was year-round, we had to find a way to keep our customers happy! Hence, we came up with a solution for all our patrons- in the form of Jaggery Powder. Jaggery Powder (Nattu Sakkarai/ गुड़ का पाउडर) is available year-round, is easy to handle, mess-free, and finds an easy way to slip into all traditional recipes! Enjoy powdered Jaggery from the house of Dhampur Green: the home of Gur and all specialty sugars!

Turmeric Jaggery Powder 300g
Ginger Jaggery Powder 300g
Gur Masala For Chai 250g
Jaggery Powder 700g
SHELF LIFE: 6 months

Special Features: Certified organic natural jaggery powder.
No chemicals added. Free from chemical additives or any preservatives.
The medicinal value of ingredients is conserved.
Hygienically and scientifically processed formula.
Fight pollution naturally, has one teaspoon every day.
 Especially recommended for young and old, to build immunity against the common cold, flu, etc.

Note:  Due to natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.may have slight irregularities  in its Colour.
Product Packaging may be changed by company at any point in time without any notification. Product packing may differ from the image.