Gur Saunf - Pack Of 3 - Each Pack -250g

Gur Saunf - Pack Of 3 - Each Pack -250g



Gur Saunf - Pack Of 3 - Each Pack -250g


Gur  Saunf - Pack Of 3 - Each Pack - 250g

Fennel seeds (saunf) have long been used to facilitate digestion and as a mouth freshener. Gur is known to improve digestion and fight against the bad effects of pollution on our health. Thus, both of its ingredients offer phenomenal health benefits. Enjoy the most delicious, and healthy combination of Gur and Saunf.


You can enjoy this desi snack after a meal or munch on it when bored. Each bite of Gur Saunf will fill your mouth with the blast of freshness and flavor of Gur/ Jaggery mixed with fennel seeds, a divine combination indeed. Dhampur Green Gur Saunf is an excellent snack, indulge in it anytime and enjoy without any guilt!

Important Points -

  1. Fights bad breath, so a great mouth freshener.
  2. Improves metabolism, promotes digestion, purifies blood.
  3. Vegan product; Helps fight the effects of pollution on body.
  4. Rich and healthy source of minerals.
  5. After meal sweetmeat and mouth freshener, healthy bhi tasty bhi.

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