Gur Saunf

Gur Saunf



Gur Saunf


You can enjoy this desi snack after a meal or munch on it when bored. Each bite of Gur Saunf will fill your mouth with the blast of freshness and flavor of Gur/ Jaggery mixed with fennel seeds, a divine combination indeed. Dhampur Green Gur Saunf is an excellent snack, indulge in it anytime and enjoy without any guilt!

Important Points -

  1. Fights bad breath, so a great mouth freshener.
  2. Improves metabolism, promotes digestion, purifies blood.
  3. Vegan product; Helps fight the effects of pollution on body.
  4. Rich and healthy source of minerals.
  5. After meal sweetmeat and mouth freshener, healthy bhi tasty bhi.

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