All time healthy Snacks

All time healthy Snacks



All time healthy Snacks



Palm Candy 

Palm candy from west coast of India is a nutrient-rich, low-glycemic index crystalline sweetener that looks, tastes, dissolves and melts almost exactly like sugar, but it's completely natural and unrefinec.Palm tree sap is crystallized and sun-dried without refining or adding any additives. Palm candy is golden brown in color and is rich in a number of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients, including potassium, zinc, iron, and vitamins B1, B2. B3 and B6. Net weight 100gm.

Gur Shakkarpare 

Traditions hide great wisdom and Gur Shakkarpare symbolizes festivities and good harvest. Dhampur Green has created a healthy avatar of the Gur Shakkarpare by replacing “refined white sugar” with wholesome jaggery/ Gur having many health benefits. Jaggery or “Gur” is rich in antioxidants & minerals, also detoxifies liver and lungs.

Being gluten free, this snack is suitable for celiac patients. Savor this anytime health snack with tea, coffee, or just nothing!

Important Points -

Wheat rectangles coated with natural jaggery and a dash of fennel.
traditional food made with 100% organic jaggery.
Vegan and nutritious snack.
Helps fight the effects of pollution on body.
Great in the school Tiffin, on the tea table or the working desk in office or at home!
GUR SEV - Pack 

This is the modern healthy avatar of a traditional Indian snack. It is made from chemical-free jaggery (Gur), which apart from being rich in antioxidants & minerals also detoxifies the liver and lungs. Gram Flour not only makes your heart healthier by lowering cholesterol but also enhances your immunity. Being gluten-free, this snack is suitable for Celiac patients. Savor this healthy snack anytime with tea, coffee, or just nothing!

Chickpea is loaded with nutrition and gur helps absorption of nutrition.
Vegan product; Helps fight the effects of pollution on body.
Gluten- free so great for those health buffs!
Immunity booster.
Traditional snack, full of health.
Gur  Saunf 

Fennel seeds (saunf) have long been used to facilitate digestion and as a mouth freshener. Gur is known to improve digestion and fight against the bad effects of pollution on our health. Thus, both of its ingredients offer phenomenal health benefits. Enjoy the most delicious, and healthy combination of Gur and Saunf.

You can enjoy this desi snack after a meal or munch on it when bored. Each bite of Gur Saunf will fill your mouth with the blast of freshness and flavor of Gur/ Jaggery mixed with fennel seeds, a divine combination indeed. Dhampur Green Gur Saunf is an excellent snack, indulge in it anytime and enjoy without any guilt!

Important Points -

Fights bad breath, so a great mouth freshener.
Improves metabolism, promotes digestion, purifies blood.
Vegan product; Helps fight the effects of pollution on body.
Rich and healthy source of minerals.
After meal sweetmeat and mouth freshener, healthy bhi tasty bhi.
Note: Product Packaging may be changed by company at any point in time without any notification. Product packing may differ from the image.

Aam Papad Candy 

Traditional Aam Papad in a trendy avatar of innovative bite-sized individual packing. We'll run you down the memory lane as you savor the sweet and sour taste, relishing this natural mood lifter. Refrigerate to increase shelf life and enjoy throughout the year, especially in the off-season of mangoes. Our Aam Papad Candy is made with 100% real alphonso mangoes. It is a delectable Indian fruit leather, also known as Aamta (Assamese), amawat (Hindi), mamidi tandra (Telugu), aamsotto (Bengali) and amba vadi (Marathi). Storage- tastes best stored between 10°-20°C.

1. Delicious fruit leather of alphonso mangoes, sweet and sour.
2. Innovative bite-size individual packing.
3. Hygienically made, untouched by hands.
4. Enjoy real Indian mango bites even in the off-season of mangoes.
5. Tasty swad toffee, made with real fruit.

Jaggery Banana Chips snack - cinnamon and spices 

Nendran banana crisps coated with jaggery, cinnamon and other spices makes a tasty healthy snack. Made traditionally during festivals in Kerala for centuries, with each bite, you dig deeper into the mouth-watering mature tastes of ripe banana, caramelized jaggery, and hand ground sun-dried spices, packed with crunch & health! These chips are made from a variety of banana called "Nendran".

1. Thick banana chips, rightly crispy and richly flavored with natural spices.
2. One of the best snacks suited for kids and is a perfect tiffin snack.
3. Jaggery / Gur compliments taste of banana and spices.
4. Enjoy the combined nutrition of banana and jaggery.
5. Traditionally enjoyed as Sharkara Upperi/ Sarkara Varatti.