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Gur Banana Chips + cardamom- 100gx3

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Nendran banana crisps with gur, dalchini and other spices makes a tasty healthy snack. Flavour of a unique blend of spices makes this snack remind you of the Indian countryside's traditional cooking. With each bite, you dig deeper into the mouth-watering mature tastes of ripe banana, caramelized jaggery, and hand ground sun-dried spices, all this makes you crave for more!

  • Thick banana chips, rightly crispy and richly flavoured with natural spices.
  • One of the best snacks suited for kids and is a perfect tiffin snack.
  • Jaggery / Gur compliments taste of banana and spices.
  • Enjoy the combined nutrition of banana and jaggery.
  • Traditionally enjoyed as Sharkara Upperi/ Sarkara Varatti.

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