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Ginger Molasses - 500g

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Ginger Molasses or GINGERMITE - Ginger molasses is extremely viscous as it is a highly concentrated syrup. Ginger is complimentary taste and favour to molasses with many health benefits. It has a bittersweet flavour and dark, almost opaque appearance, and tends to be used in richer food products, typically savoury food products where its strong flavour complements and enhances any other present. In addition, its properties make it ideal for acting as a binding agent, natural colorant, and natural preservative.

Baking/Cooking uses:

  • In dark rye breads or other whole grain breads
  • To thicken sauces, adding colour and depth of flavour to condiments such as BBQ and Worcestershire sauce.
  • In gingerbread cookies, home-made vinaigrette.
  • in gingerbreads, toppings on ice creams, tea, coffee, any desserts.

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