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Ginger Jaggery Spread - 500g

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Covid especially made us develop this recipe. This is a completely natural chemical-free ‘immunity-building’ delicious spread. Jaggery "gur" is concentrated sugarcane juice with natural iron, phosphorus, other minerals and micronutrients. Ginger is used for many traditional medicines and functional foods. The major constituents in ginger rhizomes are carbohydrates (50-70%), lipids (3-8%), terpenes, and phenolic compounds. Depending on your specific requirement please explore online. This spread is ideal for growing children, fitness buffs, senior citizens, young women, and is a great breakfast accompaniment.
Made with natural process: The ginger jaggery spread is naturally processed and made into a fine paste. This retains all the nutrients and actual taste of the ingredients. It offers a distinct and delicious flavour with the goodness of nature.
Vegan and Chemical Free: This natural and delicious spread is completely vegetarian. It does not contain any artificial colours, flavours, additives, or preservatives. Ginger and jaggery are known to have a natural longer shelf life. Refrigerate this product for best taste and keeping quality.

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