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Vanilla Sugar Sachets - 2000g

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Pack of 2: 1000Gram unit

Approx. (200 Sachet _each 5 g) 

Dhampur Green Vanilla Sugar Sachet, with the rich taste of real vanilla beans,this sugar enhances the flavor of anything it is added to. Stir it into your coffee, tea, cakes, vanilla ice cream, cookies or muffins. Enjoy the purity of sulfur-less double refined sugar with vanilla to enhance flavor of your coffee & milkshake.

There’s no more mess, less waste and sachets/ sticks are easy to store. Now you can carry a spoonful of naturally-flavored sweetness wherever you go! Once sachet lends the ideal sweetness needed for one cup of tea or coffee.

Offering precise portion control, they are ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, airlines, corporate offices, etc. Packed in high quality food-grade polyposter & polyglassin paper (options also available for recycled paper, on demand). Institutional packs also available.

  1. Fine-grain sugar infused with real vanilla beans. to enhance taste and flavor of anything it is added to.
  2. Made by the only manufacturer of vanilla sugar in India.
  3. Buy directly from manufacturer to avoid counterfeit or cheap imitations.
  4. Use for baking/ garnishing or for making dressings/ milkshakes/ tarts /coffee etc.
  5. Use at home, in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, airlines, canteens or while traveling.

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