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Candy Sugar (Mishri)

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Pack of 2: 500Gram unit

Dhampur Green's Candy Sugar, (or sweet diamonds as it is popularly called) is a sparking-white big crystal sugar obtained by cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. Its large crystals boast of purity and are also very attractive. It is a great sweetener for tea or coffee and sits pretty on a table setting. It is also popular among makers of homemade fruit liqueurs. Loved by both kids & grown ups, this rock candy makes a good substitute for dessert after meals.

Important Points 

  1. Cleaned and superior quality.
  2. Consistency in taste, aroma and quality across the year.
  3. Hygienic packing and best quality control processes.
  4. It use in relieves from cough, for a mouth freshener, effective against sore throat and as a refreshing drink.

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