Breakfast Sugar 1000g -Pack of 2pc

Each pack MRP 199/- on 1000g - pack of 2pc This refined sugar is made of high-quality ingredients and processed hygienically. It is free of artificial preservatives, chemical colours and GMO. It can be safely used in everyday cooking and culinary recipes. No Additives. Quick Blending: This sugar is highly soluble. Thus, it can be dissolved in your hot cup of tea or coffee with just a brisk stir. It can also be sprinkled over cereals or used for sweetening lemonades and juices. Storage Instructions: The pack once opened should be transferred in a dry and airtight container which should later be stored in a cool and moisture free place. Do not use a wet spoon to scoop the sugar. .. read more
Net weight: 2000 g Country of Origin: India image/svg+xml Openclipart India flag 2010-07-08T11:29:53 Flag of United India chethan flag india
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