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Caramel Rock Sugar - 250g

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Mix your Cup with your tea or coffee with natural sweetness, that also makes you healthy and builds your immunity. Caramel Rock Sugar dissolves quickly in tea or coffee and adds the perfect touch of sweetness without overpowering or changing the flavour profile. Naturally translucent amber to brown in colour, due to the natural presence of molasses. Introduced in India, for the first time by Dhampur Green. Connoisseurs love it because it does not manipulate the flavour profile of tea or coffee, just enhances it with sweetness. It is processed by re-crystallization, to produce the purest form of sugar available, with all impurities excluded as the large sugar crystals crystallize.

  • Enjoy in your coffee or favourite tea as it steeps gently, stir well to fully dissolve and enjoy!
  • Add to drinks & desserts, baking, candy making, sprinkling & as a décor/ garnish for added visual interest.
  • Perfect for ales as its completely fermentable and will maintain the high alcohol content needed without being too sweet.
  • Product made without any additives, colours, or preservatives.

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